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* Basis weight : Extra Light 70-105g / Light 115-130g, Medium 150-160g
* Texture : Less black circles means a paper of fine, close texture. Many circles the other way.
* If you select Premium paper, additional $10 will be charged. 



PUR Binding
A default way of binding in Datz books is called PUR(Poly Urethane Reactive) binding which uses more flexible glue compared to the classical one that makes the book to be well opened and strong at the same time.

Link Stitch Binding
Link Stitch Binding is a system that finishes with glue after several piles of paper bundle are each bound with thread. It is the most sophisticated binding system in terms of completeness and durability due to the usage of high quality linen and glue,  and also readability since the book will be opened in its complete 180 degree. Customers can either choose between using soft or hard cover.

Saddle Stitch Binding
It is a binding system that ties half-folded papers with thread or stapler. A light book with less pages are appropriate for this kind of binding. It is called Pamplet Stitch when thread is used.

Accordion Binding
This type of binding is inspired from folding screen. It is handbound system that folds a long piece of paper and connect them in a whole. You can simply enjoy the output just like all the other normal books by flipping each pages, but also have a look at the flow of every images in a whole when you unfold the whole pile.



| Hard Cover |

A hard cover is the most common form because of its durability since it is basically a thick board covered with a cloth or paper. You can add a variety of options, such as hot foil stamping, image inserts, and laminating. You can select which type of bookcloth you'd go with from the swatch below. If you want to cover with a printed or unprinted paper, you can choose a paper type and color from our color sample for end paper.

Color Sample for Hard Cover


| Soft Cover |

A soft cover is a type that attaches thick paper to the book block. It is used in many different ways since it's light and practical. You can also add a variety of options, such as hot foil stamping, image inserts or prints, and laminating. In case you want to make your cover as a printed soft cover, your book size must be A4 size or smaller than that.

Color Sample for Soft Cover


End Paper

The end paper is a paper that is used to connect the cover and the book block. You can select the color you want among the swatch below. If you want a type that are not on our swatch or your own printed end paper, additional fee will be charged.

Color Sample for End Paper


Options for cover

| Hot Foil Stamping |

Hot Foil Stamping is done by heating up a metal plate and using pressure to stamp letters or specific design on the cover. It can be applied to book cloth, hard boards, paper, and etc. Please select a foil color you'd like to go with.

* To order a metal plate, you must send us a vector Adobe Illustrator file or PDF.
* Please outline (expand) your design when working on Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. 
* Maximum stamping size is 10 x 4cm.



Color Sample for Hot Foil Stamping

스크린샷 2017-04-26 오후 6.37.28.png

| Insert Image |

Image Inserts are done by creating a pressed frame, and then gluing a printed image on the frame. It is usually done on a hard cover, but also is possible with a thick soft cover paper. Photograph, illustration, even typography design can be attached as an image.


| Laminating |

Laminating is used to help preserving and strengthening the book cover. Generally, it is used on printed hard cover. You can choose from matte or glossy film coats.



Basic price includes digital printing, PUR binding, cover making options. For further request on invoice or any other inquiry, please contact us.

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* Price above is per copy.
* If you only want to make 2 copies, 50% of the whole price will be additionally charged to your final price. 
* Price for cover option(Hot foil stamping, Insert image, Laminating) is $10 per each option, but it may vary depending on size, form, or quantity. 

* Production period takes about 10 working days, which also may vary depending on your specifications. (weekend and national holidays not included) 
* For further request, please send us an email.


Order Form

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1. Phone number 2. Address to be delivered 3. Book size / number of total page and copy 4. Paper type (symbol from our swatch/color/weight) 5. Binding type (PUR/Saddle Stitch/Link Stitch/Accordion/ETC) 6. Cover type (Hard or Soft/number and name of the color from our swatch) 7. Endsheet (number and name of the color from our swatch) 8. Cover option, how many and which color (Hot stamping foil/Image insert/Laminating) 9. Additional question