We are a community of photographers, designers, and bookmakers that will help you share the beauty of your art with the world in print-form.

We make books that portray visual arts and culture, and plan and participate in various exhibitions.



The physical space that is Datz Press is a shared-workspace. 

Datz Press is also home for a collaborative community that shares inspiration and looks to restore the positive functionality that is inherent in art through random acts of art kindness. It is a networking space where no single participant takes claim of ownership over another regarding the given space and resources, but looks for all of its community members to share equally in its work.

Datz Press also advocates for the growth of participatory artistic activity through exhibiting and publishing art, as well as art education.

The community of Datz is a gathering of creators, curators, enthusiasts and spectators of the art world, for whom the work and life of sharing art grows from pure motives, and welcomes professionals and amateurs alike.  


Stanford Libraries

Amon Carter Museum 

ICP Library 

Special Collections, John M. Flaxman Library (SAIC)  

SFAI Library




MMCA Art Zone


The Book Society



New York

Printed Matter Inc.

Clic Gallery


San Francisco

Smith Anderson Gallery

Moe's Books



Honolulu Museum of Art

Tree House



Concord Art Center