Preparing Files

Plan out what you want to realize with your book, and transfer the pictures and text into the digital data.
Go through your book to see the entire flow and structure. Sequence your images and decide the main layout.


Uploading Files

ps ai id.jpeg

Use Editorial Programs
(Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Power Point etc.)
to design the body, and export them into a pdf file. 

You must set up document bleed on every side (3mm).

  • Indesign: menu bar -> file -> document setup -> bleed -> 3mm on every side.
  • Illustrator / Photoshop / Power Point: make the artboard 6mm bigger
    than original size of its width/
    height, and put guidelines 3mm inward on every side.

When you are done with the cover design and want to add hot foil stamping on the top, we need you to create an ai/eps file with your text/vector image. When finished, please send your final PDF file through WeTransfer or the email address written below. 

email address :



We print out the body of your work. All you have to do is select the paper. We have a variety of paper options with different colors/textures, all of which are optimized for digital press. 



We bind your prints. Complete the book block with our strong PUR Perfect Binding and other various types of hand-binding.




We cut your book block according to the crop marks. Bleed part which you have set previously will be trimmed out at this point. Please double check your settings of bleed and crop marks when you export your PDF file.


Cover Making & Options

We complete the cover with the bookcloth/printed paper that you selected. The options you chose such as Hot Foil Stamping, Image Insert, etc. will be done in this process. 



When it comes to hard cover, we finish the process by attaching the cover and the book block. We put our utmost attention and effort into every single step while making a book to make it perfect.