Black Wind

Black Wind


Gap Chul Lee

33 x 22 cm
Soft cover / Perfect binding
88 pages
Limited Edition, 300 copies
ISBN 978-89-97605-22-4


Gap Chul Lee is known for intense images that convey inwardness and energy of Korea. However, photos in this book are mixture and engagement of new works that were not easy to encounter publicly, which reveals veiled unconsciousness. Starting a preface with a poem 'At the Edge of the World' by Seung-ja Choi, Black Wind carries silence of an unseen world through tuned flow of black and white from the first page to its last moment.

“The individual images have been parsed together in the way morphemes form a sentence. As single trees come together as a forest, the work as a whole comes to us as a “wind-rising landscape.” The creative, free spirit escapes the artist, sweeping into the world of the unconscious, traveling beyond the bounds of sky and earth, mountains and water, people and events, to become a wind of ideas, with nature as it is with its omnidirectional spirit."
- Kwan Hoon Lee, Excerpt from "The other side of the moon"


Project Director Sangyon Joo
Consulting / Text Kwan Hoon Lee
Book Design Chan Shin Park
Pre-press Juyoung Jung, Jeongin Kim
Translation Jeimin Kim
English Revision Amanda Marchand
Proof Reading Younghea Kim, Soo Yeon Kim
Production Yeawon Graphic

Poem At the Edge of the World, Choi Seung-ja, Moonji Publishing Co., Ltd., 2016
Font Support Sandoll Cloud
Support Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

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