A Conversation with the World

A Conversation with the World


Lonnie Graham

22.4 x 28 cm
Soft cover / Perfect binding
114 pages
Limited Edition, 100 copies, signed and numbered
ISBN  978-8997605-28-6-03660

Over the past 30 years, Lonnie Graham has carried out his “Conversation with the World” in more than 50 different countries on six continents. He asks the people he meets common questions concerning eight subjects—origins, family, life, death, values, tradition, connections and western culture—and photographs them.

His project is published as a form of book for the first time by Datz Press. This book contains a series of image and stories of all the people he has met throughout the world. 

The publication includes a main book with series of portraits of participant, and a side book that has their answers to each question.

Project Director  Sangyon Joo  
Curator  Kwan Hoon Lee
Coordinator  Soo Yeon Kim
Translation  Zoey Hayeon Lee
Book Design  Cathy Kyu Yeon Kim
English Proofreading  Amanda Marchand
Korean Proofreading  Hang A Kim, Jeongin Kim, Minjung Kang
Printing and Binding  Datz Books

Book ©2017 Datz Press
Photographs ©1987-2017 Lonnie Graham
Text ©2017 Lonnie Graham

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher and the artist.

The entire bookmaking process of this book is carried out with exquisite craftsmanship by Datz Books.

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