Barbara Bosworth

130 x 185 mm
82 pages
Hard Cover / Accordian Binding
First edition, 300 signed and numbered copies
ISBN   978-89-97605-09-5

Printed in Korea
Bound by Datz Books
Photographs by Barbara Bosworth
Published by Datz Press, Seoul, Korea


"When my mother was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and a bit of dementia, she would often reach out her hands into the air. As if she was trying to catch something from heaven. A few years ago, when my father was dying, our family gathered around his bedside. When my mother reached for something in the air, I asked her what she was reaching out for and she replied, “Oh, the birds!”
I knew then, my bird photographs were for my mother and father. About holding on and letting go. About the moment the bird flies away."
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