Minny Lee

5.5 x 7.5 inch
Soft Cover / Accordian Hand Binding
33 pages
Limited edition of 100 numbered copies, each copy includes an original print. 

Printed and bound by Datz Books
Photographs by Minny Lee


Most photographs in Encounters were taken around my house in New Jersey while some were taken from travels in France. They are portraits of trees reflecting my inner state and childhood memories. I see each tree with its own personality. Many images are from winter when I can see trees’ silhouettes better. Many images are from night. Night creates an entirely different mood from daytime. Dark, scary, uncertain moods dominate. I become ultra sensitive to sounds when I am amongst such trees at night. When trees move by carrying wind, their movements and sounds create beautiful harmony. Nature is so grand; I am just beginning to understand a little bit of it.
- According to Author's note



It seems that this world whose life she observes interests her much more than her human surroundings, taking over her mind and giving rise to an artistic calling. Photography has clearly been a way of translating her experience. Trees have become practically the single theme of her work, the main character in a story that she has dedicated herself to composing in images. It’s not an exaggeration to call trees characters in this context – with personalities or inner lives – since in her eyes trees move, vibrate, and communicate, and her images translate the range of feelings that this observation inspires.
- Gabriel Bauret
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