Paul Kohl & Michael Walsh

26 × 28 cm
Hard Cover / Perfect Binding
116 pages
ISBN   978-89-97605-11-8

Printed and bound by Datz Books
Published by Datz Press, Seoul, Korea
Photographs by Paul Kohl

As odd as it may seem, the genesis of this project was 8000 kilometers from Famagusta, in Singapore, and the result of a collaboration between two professors with entirely different academic interests: Michael Walsh, who had spent over a decade living in, and working on, Famagusta; and Paul Kohl, who had built an international reputation based on black and white photographs, most recently in Japan, India and Portugal, but had never been to Cyprus.  A combination of the two, it was felt, might very well lead to something rather special in this charismatic Eastern Mediterranean location.
- According to foreword of 'Famagusta'


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