Heaven, Wind, Stars and Poems

Heaven, Wind, Stars and Poems


Barbara Bosworth



33 x 44cm

Soft Cover

64 pages

First Edition, limited to 300 copies


Barbara Bosworth’s photography beholding the universe and all its wonders, and Dong-ju Yun’s poetry confessing his love to all dying things make up “Heaven, Wind, Stars and Poems.” The works were featured at Datz Museum of Art from April 8 to July 2, 2017. These two artists relay with separate but converging visions our finite existence in an infinite universe. This book, published by Datz Press, conveys the complementary visions of these two artists.


Book © 2017 Datz Press

Photographs © 1997-2015 Barbara Bosworth

Poem © Yun, Dong-Ju

 Project Director Sangyon Joo 

Consulting Kwan Hoon Lee

Coordinator Jeongin Kim

Book Design Min Young Kim

Pre-press Younghea Kim

Translation Jeongin Kim, Zeoy Hayeon Lee

English Proofreading Amanda Marchand

Production Top Process


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher and the artist.

Poems Citation Yang, Sung-Kab. Heaven and Wind and Stars and Poems. Seoul, Korea: The Classic, 2016



The Heavens

Some reasons behind the photographs

The night is clear. The Milky Way bright. A slight breeze reminds me I am moving through the universe. 


Every clear night of the summer my father would go out for a walk to look at the night sky. Many nights I would join him. We knew the North Star, and the Big Bear, but the rest became our own. At times we stood still for an hour or more to watch for shooting stars. We had no agenda. It was all about amazement at a sky full of stars.

When I was a child I wanted to be an astronaut. I thought nothing could be better than getting as close as I could to the stars.

Often I gather with friends to watch the November meteor shower. Some years they say it may be a storm, possibly hundreds of falling stars each hour through the night. Lying on the ground, looking skyward, we ooh and aah.


With this sense of wonder and astonishment, I began making photographs.


All the images included here were made with my 8x10 film camera.

All the sunspot images were made by attaching my 8x10 camera to the eyepiece of a telescope.


Barbara Bosworth



Yun, Dong-Ju (1917-1945)

Yun, Dong-Ju is Korean poet (born 1917) who loved the heavens, the wind and poetry. His poetic sensibility was nourished by a childhood spent in the harmony of nature, Christianity and Nationalism. His literary oeuvres speculate on the beauty and anguish of living. Yun sings of his own inner conflict before the stark reality of a Japanese emperor who inflicts suffering, through poems such as Prologue, Self-portrait, A Poem Written Easily, The Night Counting Stars. He leaves behind the poetry of an elegant though conflicted soul, his life ending in prison at the young age of 28. “Heaven and Wind and Stars and Poems” is a collection of his manuscripts published in 1948 after his death.

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