Magazine Gitz vol.10 "Process and Attitude"

Magazine Gitz vol.10 "Process and Attitude"


23 x 30 cm
Soft cover / Perfect binding
142 pages
₩20,000 / $20.00


Publisher's Letter
Introduction by Anne Veh 
Ryuten Paul Rosenblum
Alyssa Fujita Karoui
Amanda Marchand
Mikyung Kim
Hendrik Paul
Braynt Austin
Hoon Lee
Minny Lee
Mary Daniel Hobson  

Publisher’s Letter

As I walk along, I look back at where we started.
The end of a journey is a return to the beginning.
In the places where we did not change,
now many things seem different.

Time flows, water.
Though it is impossible to know for sure
what has been lost or gained,
now I accept that a process is
a state of incompletion, embracing flexibility.

Tired of watching the world through only a window,
curious about the world in different frames,
we made 10 volumes of Gitz over nine years.
Nine artists are featured in the 10th volume.

Going back to the beginning, the original idea is still there
more deeply, more solid, or more light and free
while we've gained much on this journey so far,
the memories are more than enough.

One, two, three… nine.
Nine years' time went by like nine seconds!
Suddenly, the scenery on the road has changed.
It's now time to go back home.

To Gitz, which gave
me so much shining inspiration,
thank you for teaching me how to soar,
to take off from the land with a heavy body.

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