Night Garden

Night Garden

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Amanda Marchand

22.8 × 29.7 cm
106 pages
Hard Cover / Perfect Binding

First edition, 300 signed and numbered copies.
There are 25 Special Editions, each with one original print.

Photographs by Amanda Marchand
Published by Datz Press, Seoul, Korea

<Night Garden> is a book by New York-based Canadian photographer and writer Amanda Marchand. <Night Garden> contemplates on love, pain and loss from the experience of going through her mother’s ovarian cancer. While her mother was asleep, Marchand walked around night garden and recorded light and vegetation and trace of the day onto film negatives. The book, which consoles on infinitesimal human life in the universe, was published one year after her mother’s death. 


"These are some of the cycles thereby - cycles for growth, day for night, season by season, as for mulling ideas and image and the various ways of being together. This book is the garden’s harvest, part of the rhythm. Its process is generous; and it will continue to yield, finding the light in the darkness."
- According to ‘Garden for Amanda’ by Anthony Bannon


It’s past midnight, but tonight, by the light of this moon, everything in the garden is luminous. My mother is sleeping and I’m standing listening to the loons, just outside her bedroom window. 
In the 2 1/2 years that she is sick with ovarian cancer I never once hear her complain. 
So, why not celebrate? 
It’s summer, after all, and the heart of the night has a wild secret.
- According to ‘While You Were Sleeping’ by Amanda Marchand


ISBN   978-89-97605-13-2

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