Was im Licht erscheint

Was im Licht erscheint


Max Kellenberger
48 pages
Bookcloth Hardcover
Edition of 100, Including one original print 
ISBN 978-89-97605-33-0

The little boy was sitting at the balcony door. It was a grey day. He was looking out from behind a small crack between the two curtains. Silent, motionless. When I walked through the room again after two hours, he was still sitting there. Silent, motionless. In the evening he proudly showed me a small sheet of paper. On it was written in shaky, unpracticed handwriting: 

1 tit 
3 sparrows 
1 blackbird 
another sparrow

What else had he seen in all that time? The white metal railing of the balcony, its grey concrete floor, and the sky, the wide empty sky. Where they come from and where they go. The birds. And us. 
Twenty years later I was standing next to him on the deck of the large cargo ship. The white metal railing, the water, and the wide empty sky. A long time passed. Then I heard the shutter of his Leica. 
Since then I’ve often stood beside him and waited till I heard the shutter. Often for a long time. And sometimes nothing at all happened. Nothing. 
Looking. Looking. Totally in the picture. My brother Max.

- Daniel Kellenberger (English Translation: Nick Bell) 

About the artist

Born in 1956 in a small town in Central Switzerland, Max Kellenberger’s work has been shown and published internationally including the exhibit of the Polaroid Collection in the Nikon Gallery in Zürich, Switzerland and a solo exhibition at the Galerie Kunsthäuschen in Herrliberg, Switzerland.  He was a recipient of the 20×24 Camera Grant from Polaroid, the winner of the Golden Light Award from the Maine Photographic Workshop, and a Professional Photographers Award from Santa Fe Workshops. His photographs are in numerous private collections, Graham Nash, Joaquim Paiva and major collections such as the Polaroid Collection.
At an early age he showed a great interest in photography, starting by developing film in his mother’s closet. Upon receiving an East German SLR camera for his 13th birthday, Kellenberger’s passion for photography was cemented. At only 16 years old he was hired as a freelance photographer for his hometown newspaper. After graduating from High School he took a position at an advertising agency all the while continuing to photograph for the newspaper. In 1980 he opened his own studio specializing in advertising and fashion. After his move to San Francisco in 1992, fine art photography became his main focus. 

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